The Compassion Practice of the living arts.

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The Compassion Practice of the living arts.

The Compassion Practice of the Living Arts With Dr.Paul W Spirit Running Bear DyerPh.D.Grandmaster.


The practice of living art is felt through compassion and directed in love. The love of self, the love of humanity within.

compassion transform our own lives,our communities – and the world. Since this large jackpot lottery it’s made me sick to hear what people would do for themselves. Yes few and far between say help a family or a friend,but It is still a freaking selfish acts.

Our world and work place, community is dying from the inside and it’s painful to watch and feel. In my teachings and practice of the living arts it can help build a sense to learn how to live.

Something is stirring in our society a sense by many that our current way of doing things is unsustainable. That we need more balance in our lives, and more emphasis on our own well being, as well as the well being of our families, workplaces, communities  and our planet. Part of the solution, for many, involves a look inward.

The practice of the living arts works on mindfulness life. Mindfulness,compassion is about opening up to our inner life, and becoming more aware of our emotions, our thoughts, our actions  and how they affect ourselves and others. It’s about feeling like we’re more in the present. And it’s about the way we treat each other  and the way we treat ourselves.

We want and want but we have very little understanding of ourselves.

Written by : Dr.Paul W Dyer.Gm


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