Its A Fight

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Its A Fight

It’s A Fight


This is a moment of thought after the fight. We train some of us for life and living and then survival actions are triggered. When we train as frontal lobe beings we can stay in the now consciousness , but it takes long time training to believe life is better then death. To many of us react to an erged then to a practice.


I saw an amazing action of a trained killer trying not to kill in a sport. Sport IS DIFFRENT THEN LIFE.


When you have a large negatively hued self generated thoughts, due to high levels of spontaneous activity in the parts of the medial prefrontal cortex that govern conscious perception of threat and you also have a tendency to turn to panic quicker than most people.


In the possess the basolateral nuclei of the amygdale you can experience intense negative emotions even when there’s no threat present.


In our training and teaching we teach you that an over active mind can cause you much pain and confusion.


Written by : Dr.Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Ph.D.Grandmaster.


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