A soulful Life

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A soulful Life


The 3DSystem section on developing a soulful life helps students engage in avenues that build on strengths that enable them to ultimately shine and live in their core self. As you study and train and practice the living arts you begin conscious listening exercises and wisdom discussions. Our soul has been on this journey for many lifetimes learning and experiencring from the stuck to a purpose and a strength.

In all of our life there are gatways from one experience to understandin. Learning how to recognize this takes time allow the soul to be in the front and to feel with your body.

In a soulful training and practice we can raise our frequency to live connected. If you don’t recognizethe darkness around you it will cover your light. When you allow your soul to shine your higher love will shine in a harmony of compassion.
Its often scary to me when beings don’t think their soul has an emotional voice and quite it by so call physical logic. These terms are a spiritual and emotional death. I understand how fearful it can be to  allow your soul to be free because many are afraid of getting hurt. Stop living in your fears and allow your soul to journey to connect with life.

Go Live Not Survive!!!

Dr.Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer.


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