A Part of Development and Training

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A Part of Development and Training

One of the greatest joys as a teacher is learning. The process is amazing to myself. I don’t just learn I embrace and therefore I am able to comprehend. 

When learning anything, one must first be nonresistant, and receptive. Many first time and long time students get caught up action and that is not the same as learning. We must surrender to the information and corrections coming in. As one learns, one needs to develop confidence, courage, and strength to stand up to challenges as they begin to process and understand the lessons and information received. I tell my students there are two sides of information and four levels of comprehension. At one moment you will only get one level and one side. As you continue opening yourself you will see the other levels.

As we perceive the lessons and develop the courage and confidence, there’s a spirit, whole heartedness that inspires the progression and development of the practice.  The practice is the most difficult,because it takes time and many are in a hurry. These skills are fundamental to learning as well as in life or any physical,mental training: being able to receive the threat or attack, and having the courage to respond with your true self that is both intuitive and balanced.
It’s not unusual that at some point different emotions may arise while practicing. This is not generally the case, and for most people the day to day practice will be a calming place that helps build body awareness and muscle connection. Understanding that, our emotions and attitudes are also connected with our bodies and are reflected in how we carry ourselves. As we work on adopting a functional support structure and posture, old patterns of holding can be encountered which may at times bring up various emotions which are tied into these patterns of holding. Many people do not notice these emotional patterns in daily life and they are often simply hidden from our basic awareness, but I teach you how to listen to yourself.  As we expand our awareness and connections within ourselves, this heightened state of awareness can sometimes lead us to notice these crazy emotional patterns we have been chained too. Encountering emotional issues is very common in many practices. In the  practice you will all of a sudden comes face to face with frustrations, fears, and believe their are limitations in your life. You will see many faces of your past. When you keep pushing through  your soul will emerge on the other side, and you will be a better practitioner for exploring these complexities. After studying many things I have learned that even the Buddha and other highly evolved spiritual leaders have all expressed emotion. So I say to you, as you practice your emotion that  may come up may not be in line with the situation, but may be part of other contributing factors hidden  from your inner self for so long that they may be beyond normal understanding. We practice for only one reason and that is to live a whole complete life of love.  You will find it only when your light is flaming bright through the practice.

Written by : Dr.Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Ph.D.Grandmaster Gm.


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