The Ground To Heaven And Earth

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The Ground To Heaven And Earth

The Ground To Heaven And Earth


As we teach and share this amazing sciences of life. Its the living art of our mental,physical and spiritual self.

The lessons and education of Unified Physics go back a long way in the history of scientific theory. In some of the earliest of  teachings ,human culture we find civilizations around the world that believed in the presence of a unifying field of energy that surrounds and permeates all things.


Its in this living art we teach,share,practice our life. Many only see the martial side. It is truly sad because

this dynamic energy field provided an underlying organizing framework for all of the holistic mystery sciences  and was considered by some to be the source of life energy within biological systems.

As being of energy we often forget what value we truly have. I have taken many moments to embrace what power source we are. In my younger days I thought life was comical or just shitty. I wanted this, I needed that, and things seemed impossible. So let me start by saying this you are a downward flowing energy that can be grounded  and centered.  The trraining I have learned through the years I want to share with you. The training also helps ground one because it can help a person learn not to react.  It will also help one let go if one has reacted to a situation and become “up”set, “up”tight, and mixed “up” by it.  This feature, alone, makes this exercise worth doing every day even if you don’t like it.



Centering means that one’s attention is always centered inside the body, more or less.  This also causes a person to be more realistic, more present and more grounded and attentive.  People who are not centered in themselves are usually more distracted, less present, more emotional and often feel pulled in several directions at once.  Centering and grounding are the related to one another, though they are not exactly the same.



Throughout most of evolution of humans did not know that the surface of the earth contains limitless healing energy. Science has discovered this energy as free flowing electrons constantly replenished by solar radiation and lightning. Few people know it, but the ground provides a subtle electric signal that maintains health and governs the intricate mechanisms that make our bodies work.




In training I help you focus on strengthening and sustaining a point.  The earth energies  represents the patterns of energy and the earth’s magnetic field that we are surrounded by. Many exercises  I  have learned are meant to strengthen the body and mind. A central practice within martial sciences includes the growing of the core. The core is not abs or muscles but an organ. The Kidney is the major organ that involves the opening of a conduit and connection between the earth’s surface and a person’s body.



When you open your root point of the body in movements the evidence shows that contact with the earth  whether being outside or indoors is important. The action of connected to grounded conductive systems  may be a simple, natural,but often over looked. To do this connection has defended against chronic stress, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, inflammation, pain, poor sleep, disturbed heart rate variability, hypercoagulable blood and many common health disorders, including cardiovascular disease has been known to be relieved.


So why don’t more people learn or practice? APATHY! !!!



To know this that the voltage of the surface of the earth is zero. Why is this important to know, because the body is made up of over 70% water along with lots of other minerals making your body highly conductive. When you make contact with the earth your body is Grounded or Earthed and becomes a zero voltage. Our super conductivity can also work against us by absorbing Electro Magnetic Fields from all our electrical appliances and even people around us.


So as we learn diffrent motion of movements and breath actions we open up our root conduit which is our kidney point. Through the root we pull from the earth through the feet and into the lower spine, the body maintains an entry point for universal energies and sustains a healthy foundation for your bodily function. In this action we are able to protect from inside and external actions.


Through living action movements you develop a power that has no boundries. This action yes I practice. Have I been experience unlimited force, No for I am human and I must sustain my practice, but I have notice a multitude of difference in my internal body and external actions. Being able to squat 300lbs two months after total knee replacement. Able to strike an opponent and disable or disturb in greater manner of body actions. Working the hands  to strike even before the hands move. Learning how to balance my bodies action in dodging, and ducking, allowing my body to move  in and out; using the opponent’s force I am able to  deliver a counter, blow, with as little effort as pushing a wheel barrel down hill.


I truly know this, that our disconnecton to the earth and heavens has caused our dis-ease. So to learn a living practice art is incredible. I cherish it and I love to share it. The mountain looks pretty from afar. The mountain when climbing can crumble you. It can cause broken bones ,but in the end and through the tears the journey is amazing. I have not been to the mountain top but I can say I can breath and stand now and enjoy the mountain’s veiw.  Come join me and see. I hope one day we all shall be able to enjoy the peace. This veiw and this love between heaven and earth.



Written by : Dr.Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Ph.D.Grandmaster


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