Equal Justice is Not Equal Rights

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Equal Justice is Not Equal Rights

Equal Justice is Not Equal Rights

My life as was given to me from a mother and father who was always fighting for equal rights. My mother and father said there is no justice that’s equal but we can have equal rights. My service  to humanity has been equal rights. The right to be happy, free from hatred, free from mental enslavement. This does not happen we must work for it. We must practice a life giving way. I just want you to know the information against blacks un America.

30% of black men in US will go to jail
Black men born in the United States in 2001 will have a one in three chance of going to prison during their lifetime if current trends continue, according to a report by the US justice department.
More than 5.6 million Americans are either in prison or have served time there – and that number will continue to rise, the report shows.

Washington Post also says black unemployment is always much worse than white unemployment. But the gap depends on where you live.

And we now know that  white police officer in the United States killed a black person on average of twice per week from 2005 to 2012, according to homicide reports offered to the FBI. But this data is limited, as only about 4 percent of law enforcement agencies contributed.

With this information I say we still can. I say there is a chance. So don’t allow others to take your life. I am a teacher of life. I want you to start living and stop dying.

Written by : Dr.Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer GM Director of The School of Holistc Intersection.


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