Shake Your Pine Cone!!

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Shake Your Pine Cone!!

The pineal gland is a tiny organ in the center of the brain that played an important role in Descartes’ philosophy. He regarded it as the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.

Not only is the pineal gland responsible for regulating the daily biological rhythms in the body, but it also releases the only endogenous substance created in humans. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) may provide a biological framework for the martial arts practices of 49day training.

I have attempted to express these ideas clearly; if you find yourself intrigued or confused seek out a qualified teacher. If this holds no value, remain in the dark. With that lets continue…

The universe which was created is all one power. We are given these sources and abilities from birth. There are many trying to work on the inner or outer power energy. These forces are designed to work together. the use of these forces and energy can be used for good, bad, competition or cultivation.

My personal journey and training has lead me to practice and understand the universal phenomena. I first must say Sir Newton must have been a martial artist.

I will lay down a short road map of what I will be talking about. The sun produces gasses and energy. The stars do the same. The planets and the planet we are on also do the same. The forces of earth (water, wind, earth, fire) have a vibration and frequency. Our body is made of cells and atoms that also do the same. When all this is connected it triggers the Pineal Gland and the GATEWAY SOURCE OF ENERGY.

The healthy body is a flowing interactive electro dynamic energy field. Every cell also resonates a unique characteristic frequency. Frequencies that are rich in harmonics supply the body with a full band of frequencies that can support and strengthen the bio system. The deep well of energy of the Pineal Gland we trained and are balanced with our action from breathing to thoughts to physical movements.

When we align our frequencies with the divine patter of the universe we are able to tap into the seat of the soul source. When we take this action into an environmental field we are able to be a large influence of a situation.

The moral dilemma is your own.

“If you there were nothing but thought in you, you wouldn’t even know you are thinking you be like a dreamer who doesn’t know he is dreaming. When you know you are dreaming, you are awake within the dream”. Eckhart Tolle
This information is to awaken you from your dream and to know what is taking place. Scientists have measured the frequencies of different emotions.

Your frequency of energy you create or hold onto in your body and mind is the most important tool you have. If your frequency is high, fast and clear, actions unfold effortlessly and in alignment. In the lower and slower frequencies, this is not as evident.

The next chart will show you the kinetic potential energies in a wave function. Why I am using this equation to explain is because I was able to insert an action in motion to measure an energy used when performing a movement. Also the higher the connective intent and frequency the stronger the action was.

When using Sir Newton second law in conjunction with this formula we have to then understand direct proportional force and the rate in which it moves.

All this is affected when the body is trapped and the negative emotion continues to lower the frequencies, affecting the surrounding area of the body. If not released, the surrounding organs, tissues, and joints will begin to resonate with that disharmony and the body will become unbalanced.

The action of your intent will be useless or just not effective. If you would like to strike an opponent in this instance your strike was on target but your energy failed to do the damage it was intended. If for a healing purpose the result will be not as effective.

A vibration is made up of energy pulsations of positive and negative polarity. We call that frequency. It is the way we classify different expressions of energy. Atoms act like little radio transmitters broadcasting waves. Humans, as well as all kinds of supposedly inert matter, constantly emit rays. Everything sends out waves of different lengths. The wave lengths of the body are as individual as fingerprints. Under the laws of vibration each individual has distinctive rates of vibration or resonance harmonics.

Harmonics, motions and mental currents can have a significant impact on electrical distribution systems and the facilities they feed. It is important to consider their impact when planning additions or changes to a system. This is why we practice train and learn our systems.

I am a teacher of balance. The balance of life is not just a science but it can be understood through science, when we learn first in understanding then in health all our action is stronger. If we just perform action without understanding our health will remain sick, i.e. world economy.

This pine cone shape organ need to be shaken up and trained to be able to open the source code of your life.

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